Brida Chair

by Grupa Studio for GIR


Brida represents the result of combining modern technology of processing wood and meticulous handcraftsmanship. The collection consists of a chair with armrests, a chair without an armrest, bar stool and semi-armchairs. Uniqueness of the series can be seen in the detail of a slantwise cut edge which moves through a continuous line which binds the armrest and the backrest. Clean angles and surfaces accentuate the feeling of mass and firmness while at the same time it achieves a visually purified, elegant and fluid form.

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Design by:

Grupa studio is a designer collective from Croatia which operates in the field of product design, interior design, exhibition set ups and scenography. Members of the Grupa studio are Filip Despot, Ivana Pavic and Tihana Taraba. After cooperating for many years with regional and foreign furniture manufacturers they are starting to develop their own brand called Grupa studio products under which they will manufacture and distribute products for global and European market. The Grupa studio exhibits both on domestic and international exhibitions, and their work have been published in prominent international and Croatian publications. They received numerous prizes and awards.

''The whole plan, idea and the concept of the new brand which Bojan presented to us were formalistically very close to our aesthetics, which is why we immediately got into business, with lots of enthusiasm, and, more precisely, we created the chair collection “Brida”.''