Catapult Swing

by Miljana Nikolić for GIR


Catapult is a swing for indoor use with a seat and plywood girders intended for relaxation or active work in residential or business environment. Catapult swing is a blend of functionality and comfort, small enough for indoor use but also large enough to provide comfort; it allows the user to be active, but also rest and relax at the same time. Length of the swing can be modified and adjusted to suit different room heights, and all the parts are prefabricated.

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Design by:

''The key to furniture to design is to find your own expression and your place on the market which is often too satiated, and in the example of successful global furniture manufacturers one can see how much they invest in development and promotion in order to stay relevant.''

Miljana Nikolić is an architect and designer of the Mackereth Studio from London, who is currently focused on designing high-end residential and commercial properties. Along with the teaching engagement at the Faculty of Forestry in Belgrade, at the Department for wood processing in the field of designing furniture and interior space, her work also encompasses interior decoration and furniture design. She is the recipient of numerous domestic and international awards and honors for her results in the field of architecture and design.