Pendulum Desk Mirror

by La Mamba for GIR


The mirror collection is inspired by the pendulum and its movement, which made us consider an object that can be close and far away. We decided to apply this concept to an everyday object - a mirror, as it seemed like a fun way to move closer or further away from it. The marble base provides stability while a small, elegant handle acts as a tool to zoom in.

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In 2008 Raúl Durá, Ommar Uribe and Pedro Rivera founded La Mamba studio to carry out product design projects (furniture and lighting) and branding, as well as art direction and consulting for companies. In 2009, just a year after setting up the studio they received their first recognition, the first in a long list, as finalists in the Designer of the Year category of the Elle Decoration awards.
After several years working as designers, they decided to create Omele e-Ed, their own curating company for products designed for domestic use and contract from a human, close and quality approach.

Among the pieces designed for third parties in their portfolio, highlights include the Masala sofa and armchair and the Mole pouf for the Cármenes brand; the Rot chair for Ripay, the hospitality furniture manufacturer, and the collection of Turia sideboards for the Arlex brand.