Phare LED Lamp

by Stanislaw Czarnocki for Menu


Designed for apartment no. 50 at Le Corbusier’s ‘Cité Radieuse’ in Marseille, the Phare Lamp’s aesthetic was centered on the idea to become a versatile everyday companion; one that could correspond to the landmark’s style and improve its inhabitant’s daily comfort. The stance that the light takes, whether standing at a dynamic angle or hanging from an edge it is a reminder that the lamp is not meant to be fixed in any one spot. The lighting is diffuse, illuminating a space gently without overwhelming it. The lamp is ideal for work, leisure, or social events. Phare acts as a means for people to bring some light along with them.

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Design by:

Warsaw-based design studio Umiar believes in the true value of “normal” objects – clear and functional forms, following a transparent process that pays close attention to every detail; the essence of what makes objects good to live with. Working on projects that focus on lengthy research, human well-being is at the heart of what Umiar does and successfully.

The concept is simple, approachable portable LED light. It is handy, lightweight, easily transportable, and with its rechargeable battery, it can be used in almost any setting. Phare acts as a means for people to bring some light along with them.
Its value lies in its universality. It is charged using a USB-C connector and has a 10-hour battery life, allowing it to be used freely both indoors and out. It can be either free-standing or hanging.

The design of Phare is a result of a process of reduction. There are no superfluous or decorative elements but only the function of it gives it its formal language.