Polytop Tables – Black Top

by Neisako Studio for GIR


The collection of coffee tables typifies the ability of spatial positioning into compatible geometrical compositions. Simply joining two tables and aligning their base edges creates a desired appearance of the interior. Set of four coffee tables of different proportions varies from a wide and low with a hexagonal base to a tall and narrow with a triangle base.

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Design by:

While designing Woodlock we were interested in further investigation of a rarely used construction principle — connecting the backrest and front leg with additional reinforcement. The goal was to achieve compact and fluid shape with intertwining of thin “locked” girders that give tremendous rigidity and result in a surprisingly small weight of the chair.

Neisako a small design practice focusing on innovative and inspiring product design solutions. Previously working as Redesign from 2020 operates under the new name — Neisako. The studio works in a wide variety of design fields with work that is mostly driven by investigation in the deeper meaning of creation through the language of geometry. It is founded by Neven and Sanja Kovačić and is based in Zagreb, Croatia.