Trifora Side Table

by Đorđe Čukanović for GIR


This piece is made of ten identical elements which form a circle in order to make the pillar that serves as a support for a removable top plate. This type of construction allows for the combining of different materials and oak into one piece. Although the base elements are geometrically very straightforward, their production requires an excellent expertise in oak wood and a remarkable craftsmanship of processing material. This functional piece, whose sculptural form has been inspired by the elements of Serbian traditional monumental architecture of 12th and 13th century, represents the harmony between aesthetics and the craftsmanship of oak wood processing.

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Chudes is a designer studio founded by Đorđe Čukanović from Belgrade. The studio specializes in furniture design and actively works with companies and brands on the projects of varied dimensions. His individualistic approach results in sophisticated solutions in the field of design and manufacturing processes.