Stay in Touch: Have fun at Home

We know that it may be disappointing to hear those favorite sports events, festivals, and other gatherings are canceled, but these cancellations are there to stop or slow down the spread of the virus. Having the concert you already bought tickets for canceled or being unable to visit your friends and spend some quality time with them doesn’t mean that we are deprived of all social communication and we still stay in touch. There are things we can still do, from the safety of our own homes and engage in those quality social interactions. 

We’ve prepared for you a guide on leisure time at home, with some recommendations on how to make the best of the time at home. 

In the past month, we often heard the term “social distancing” in the media and from health care professionals as one of the most efficient ways to fight the spread of the virus. Recently, it was changed to a more appropriate term “physical distancing” as it better resonates with the real situation we are in. Even though we can keep a safe distance from each other, we can still communicate and engage in quality conversations and leisure time. Life wouldn’t have meaning if we were socially isolated from everyone in the world, and through Social Media, phone calls, or even waving to our neighbor in the building across the street is a way that we communicate.  

Most of us are working from home, and we wrote about some ideas for home offices before (you can check them out here), but after 5pm, when our working day is over, we can create leisure time, whether if it’s a good book, TV Series of Movie recommendation, Facebook video call with your loved ones, or a HouseParty video with all your friends in one chat room.  Shifting from real towards a digital world can be at first a little confusing, but after the first few unpleasant moments when we are checking if the connection is good and we can hear/see each other, it becomes pleasant and at the end of the conversation you will feel more fulfilled, so we advise everyone to try to engage in any kind of social communication. Physical isolation doesn’t mean social isolation. 

After working hours also equals leisure time, now more than ever is important to have that time for yourself, without the stress and pressure of day-to-day tasks. We’ve prepared some products that we believe will help you relax. 

Find your balance

Aromatherapy is important, as it can help us relax and unwind. It can help you to find your mental balance after a hard day. The essential oils that are used in aromatherapy are natural, plant-based oils and the terpenes and monoterpenes in these oils are the same active ingredients that make us feel so good and so invigorated when we are out in the forest.

Why not try personal aromatherapy as a way to find your mental balance, to soothe you when you are stressed and pick you up when you are tired?

Volcanic Stone Diffuser
Ceramic Diffuser

Our recommendations are BsaB essential oils that come in different scents and versions to make sure they fit your personal style of choice. They are available at GIR Store with a 20% discount as Ceramic diffusers and Volcanic Stone diffuser.

Snuggled in your home 

When you are all snuggled up with your favorite TV Show or a book on a sofa, it’s good to have some essential accessories that will help you warm and safe and ready to unwind

Muuto Ripple Throw blanket is a synonym for comfort. It  might seem simple at first but upon taking a closer look, the weaving technique creates an optical illusion that changes with the motions of the fabric. Available in a range of colors, the Ripple Throw is light while providing substantial warmth. Combine with cushions made from high quality materials such as Layer, Shay Quilt, Quilt, Accent, Tile cushion and many many more. Browse through our selection of accessories here

If you are writing some creative ideas that just popped into your head, while relaxing at home, we recommend not to use just any piece of paper you find near, as later it can be hard to find and might look like doodles more than an idea. Our recommendation is to use a Design Letters Brainstorm notebook that will keep your thoughts organized so you can come back later to them, all in a legendary type font by Arne Jacobsen! You will also need good lighting, so we recommend Ferm Living’s Arum Lamps. You can also browse our Lighting section if the Arum lamp doesn’t match your style at home perfectly, and find our curated collection of lighting for every home. 

Time for You

It’s totally fine if some nights you just want to be alone and not pressure yourself to make video calls, read something for work or talk online. Bath time is the best way to relax and enjoy that time alone. Take off your jewelry on Obu Jewelry nightstand, draw a bath, put your favorite bath salts, turn on MENU’S Carrie LED Lamp for atmospheric light, combined with Sekki candles by Ferm Living and create a nice atmosphere for yourself. If you are opting for natural wax candles we also recommend MENU’s POV candle holders.

Organic Bath towels are a must because they mean Spa luxury for your home. These towels will bring luxurious texture and sophisticated modern colours to the bathroom.

MENU POV Wall Candleholders

Apart from recommendations on how to use your home decor for relaxation and creativity, we’ve also compiled a list of online content that you can watch at home.

Through our Instagram Stories, we’ve asked if you like to listen to music or watch movies/tv shows, as well as if you like to watch virtual exhibitions or read about art. We’ve compiled a list of, for at least, interesting content that has a little bit of everything!

  • Music to unwind

Here you can find our favorite playlists to listen to at home, during working hours to boost your creativity, or after work, while relaxing with a good book.

  • Films

Filmmaker Gary Hustwit is streaming his documentaries free worldwide during the global COVID-19 crisis. Each Tuesday he’s been posting another film here. We’ve had the opportunity to watch an awesome documentary about Dieter Rams and the principles of Good Design about which we wrote earlier on in one of our stories (to read the article click here). If you missed it here is the list of past films, this week is all about Helvetica

Past Free Films: March 14 to 21: Helvetica, March 24 to 31: Objectified, March 31 to April 7: Urbanized, April 7 to 14: Rams, April 14 to 21: Workplace, April 21 to 28 Helvetica Bonus Footage

  • Reading about Art and Design

Here are some of our favorite books to read during and after quarantine! 

Bruno Munari, Design as Art

Olafur Eliasson, Experience

Sarah Boris, Art as Therapy

Marcia Mihotich, Workplace Skills

  • Online Exhibitions that you can experience from the safety of your home

Louisiana Museum of Modern Art in Denmark created a Youtube channel that allows you to experience their exhibition programme. You can find out more here. Whether you want to watch David Hockney talking about space, Marina Abramović discussing Giacometti, painters winding each other up or just terrific conversations, this is a very good place to find yourself.

Institue of Contemporary Art in London s now sending out a daily email, with things to read, watch or listen to. There are mixtapes, short films, and a track of the day. In its first offering they also link about 900 ICA talks from 1982-1993, available at the British Library Sounds collection. All you need to do to get a daily email is sign up.

Tate is also organizing an online programme that will keep you up to date with contemporary art. You can find out more about their online exhibition viewings here. We loved the “IN THE STUDIO” viewing that investigates the processes artists use to make artworks, and how our responses are integral to the piece as we were wondering something about the same topic in our exhibition New Perspectives: Artist’s Studio.

For those that love virtual exhibition you can take a trip through the world’s best virtual museums & galleries, all without leaving the house at VirtualMuseums

 We hope you enjoyed our choices and some recommendations will help you create more fun and creative time for yourself. Stay safe, stay at home! 🤎