Stribbo Kids Furniture at GIR Store

Stribbo furniture brings fresh, contemporary design to children’s furniture. Seeing themselves as a part of the family, they have developed and produced items that parents will love and their children will enjoy it.

Stribbo furniture comes from a country with abundant natural resources and a rich tradition of wood-crafting and craftsmanship. Inspired by the possibility, Stribbo managed to achieve their goals and create highly functional and beautiful children’s furniture. For their designs, they engaged a talented team of designers and engineers to bring their vision to life. Their factory uses sustainable materials and we are so happy to add them to our family of brands.

Stribbo is a synonym for modern, strong, sustainable and safe baby furniture.

The wood used for Stribbo products comes from local Bosnian forests and brings feelings of warmth and evokes memories from their childhood. Stribbo represents the connection to nature that we had as kids and want to keep in our homes today, for our own children.

In GIR Store you can find a selection of Stribbo Furniture for Children such as Shuma Cot. Shuma is a children’s bed inspired by the idea of creating a little forest for your young ones to rest and dream. Once your child outgrows the bed the addition of fun and comfy cushions can turn a bed into a sofa where the child can relax or play in. Shuma cot is designed by GRUPA Studio.

Stribbo furniture can be an element that helps in creating a healthy environment, a safe, calm place for a child to grow up in. Their motto is that Stribbo makes furniture to last, that will be passed between generations.

Visit us at GIR Store, Trešnjinog cveta 5, and discover our carefully curated collection of items for your children.