Studio GRUPA at GIR Store

Studio Grupa is a Croatian designer collective that operates in the fields of lighting and product design, interior design, exhibition set-up, and scenography. We’ve talked about their creative input in the field of product design before in our Designers Today: section dedicated to people who re-shape our experiences when it comes to contemporary design.

Brida chair
Brida chairs

For our GIR Brand, Studio GRUPA designed a series of Brida chairs (with and without armrest) available in several colors to match your style at home. Recently, we decided to add to our curated collection of Lighting GRUPA’s well-known products such as Baluna and Arigato lamps

Baluna collection

When designing Baluna lamps, Studio GRUPA aimed to capture the essence of light itself, and how it occupies and affects the space. We’ve written before extensively what light can do to a certain space, and we couldn’t agree more with the concept. The custom-designed silent dimmer enables maximum light intensity control, and the blown glass opal di user with a carefully selected LED light bulb, ensures a perfect level of light dispersion.

“Lighting design is a process. Specifically, it is the process of integrating light into the fabric of the architecture.”

Arigato collection

Taking a humble road to enlightenment the Arigato collection is made with the idea to materialize a human gesture through the design of everyday objects. Arigato lamp adjustability and applicability ensure a beautiful performance in various spaces and contexts. The mobility of the shade and the arms of the lamp enable the projection of the light in every direction. And with a solid base that can be rotated 360 degrees, the table version of Arigato can be moved around its axis with a gentle touch.

The collection is composed of table, floor, wall, pendant and ceiling lamps that come with a handmade steel body and an aluminum shade in matte black or white powder coating and with different possibilities throughout the collection of 14 types.

Studio GRUPA’s Baluna and Arigato lamps are available at GIR Store, Trešnjinog cveta 5, Belgrade.