Take the time to design your sleep

The bedroom is one of those places that takes time to decorate.

Imagine your bedroom as a sanctuary. When you walk in—or simply think about your bedroom—it should make you feel relaxed and peaceful. Taking care of your sleep environment and putting thought into its look and feel is important and could help you welcome more restful nights.

Take the time to design a sleep-friendly bedroom environment so that you can wake up each morning feeling refreshed.

Sleep in darkness
Sleeping in a room with too much light tricks our brain into thinking it’s time to be awake.  Dimming the lights about an hour before bed will help regulate your body and tell your brain it’s time to shift into sleep mode. Make sure you have good curtains and blinds to block out any outside light and have dimmer switches on the bedroom lights. Your bedroom should be dark at night, but equally important is that it’s light and bright during the day.

JWDA Concrete Lamp, by Menu
Classic with a twist – That’s the aim with the Concrete Lamp for Menu. The form is taking inspiration from old-fashioned oil lamps but with a simplified and organic shape. The design mixes the delicate and the raw into a beautiful little table lamp with concrete base and brass dimmer button. The Concrete lamp gives a soft light and comes with a G9 frosted bulb, dimmable by the twist of the hand.

Ready Made Curtains by Kvadrat
Drawing inspiration from the method of hanging a poster, the brothers Bouroullec use a hanging cord instead of a traditional curtain pole. The method in which strings are strung to a guitar, allow users to adjust the tightness as well as the drape of the curtain in relation to any window. The Kvadrat textiles offered with Ready Made Curtain each have distinct qualities: From a warm woolen fabric for a cozy atmosphere to a contemporary unwoven textile for a clean and minimal finish, every kind of interior is achievable. Fabrics are available in standard pre-cut sizes and in customized sizes upon request

Counting sheep is passé — these design tips will help you fall asleep fast and have the best sleep possible.

Subdue the senses
Bright colors, busy textures and stand out accessories may be the desired effect elsewhere in the house, but with rest and relaxation being the main aim in the bedroom, subdued lighting, restful patterns and soothing colors are advisable. With the same goal, avoid clutter in the bedroom and ensure the room doesn’t double as a home office or study. Surround yourself with scent you like. Soothing scent like this can improve your mood and help you relax for bed.

Sekki Scented Candles by Ferm Living
The essence of traditional manufacturing can be rediscovered with the Sekki Scented Candles in Fig from Ferm Living. Minimal in its design and simple in its expression, the cups echo those used in traditional Japanese tea ceremonies. Made from coloured unglazed clay, the elegant foot elevates the design making it stable on any surface, a beautiful gift for the home.

Ripple throw by Muuto
A soft cotton throw made using a unique weaving technique inspired from industrial wrapping and packaging of food products. Ripple is light and delicate, yet with a warm feel. Comes in 5 vibrant colors, each elegantly framed by two-colored weaved borders.

Nighty night
Start by de-cluttering your room and creating a clean and relatively ordered space. Arrange your furniture in a way that feels natural and visually pleasing to you. Try to keep computers and TVs out, so that you come to know your bedroom as a haven for sleep, free of distractions. The first step of auditing a bedroom for optimal rest is to remove anything we don’t need because clutter can cause stress and anxiety. This even includes items we store under the bed. Remove excessive books, electronics, unfolded laundry, exercise equipment, stacks of bills and other work. Neaten up any objects that must be left out. Nightstands also tend to be used for storage. make sure your nightstands have cabinets or drawers to minimize visual clutter. 

“Limit the nightstand surface to a lamp, photo, book or journal and water carafe.”

Spindle collection
The Spindle collection found its inspiration in the traditional spinning wheel and incorporates perfectly aligned spokes into the headboard. It is a trendy new design, it features slightly tapered legs and rounded edges which adds a new sense of dimension and structure. Combined using traditional oak wood it reflects the high-quality timber and expert craftsmanship that was involved to make this luxurious piece. Each spindle bed is offered in a variety of wood finishes, perfect for any bedrooms that needs a neutral touch. Perfect for your bedroom, this bed will bring a new sense of brilliance and turn your home into a modern treat. 

Spindle bed - Walnut
Spindle Bed - Oak & Spindle Bedside table - Oak

Your bedroom should be a peaceful and relaxing sanctuary that promotes optimum rest so you wake up refreshed and ready to take on the day. There are simple things you can change to create a healthier sleeping environment.