The Family Lockdown Guide: Dining Time

With the ongoing state of emergency across the world, many of us found ourselves in a lockdown at homes without our usual daily social interactions. While we all adjust to our new daily routines, and try to maintain our home rituals as much as possible, it’s also important to not forget the bonds we share with our families. Being obligated to share a space with your loved ones in these times is a privilege, but we understand that at the same time it can be a bit of a struggle, as we are all spending a lot of time together in small spaces. If you have children, that can become an additional challenge. Transitioning to home-schooling, and creating working from home dynamic is one of the challenges we all have to face.

But being with your family in a lockdown doesn’t mean you don’t get to have some fun. In the afterhours, after all the work has been finished, this is the time to share a meal with your loved ones without distractions of mobile phones, TV news and such. Just some quality time spent reminiscing about the past times, and planning your next trip in the future after all this is over.

Kitchens and dining rooms have always been the rooms around which the life of a family revolved. The scent of that yummy cherry pie in the oven like your grandma used to make, or cooking something everyone would enjoy like pasta, these are the rooms where the most of our social interactions happen. 

We’ve prepared for you a guide on how to use the most of this time you are given with your family, preparing or just enjoying that favorite meal. 

Carve out family time

In the evening, from 7.30PM and onwards, make an arrangement with your loved ones to keep their devices away and sit in the dining room, for a nice meal and some quality time together. Every household with or without children should reinforce family time, as being together in the same room doesn’t mean we communicate. So this is the time to invest yourself more in learning new things about your loved ones, their dreams and expectations, or just to have some fun quality time together sharing over a meal. Depending on the size of your family, and the available space – the size and the look of your dining table will also vary. It’s important to keep in mind that you should always try to leave some more space between the seats, so everyone would feel comfortable sitting at the table. Our recommendations for creating a pleasant dining space is Bok Dining Table accompanied by Bok chairs from the same collection. If you want to spruce things up and change your dining setup to create more layers, you can always opt for Ethnicraft EX-1 Chairs or Casale Dining Chairs in combination with Ethnicraft Slice Dining Table. All of these suggested versions are made from solid oak, and are available for order with 30% discount.

Ethnicraft Bok Dining Table
Ethnicraft Slice Dining Table

Different styles at home require different setups, and this is why we would also recommend the GIR Klin collection of dining tables that come in square, round and rectangle in different sizes that will suit your style at home. To match it, we recommend adding GIR Brida or Woodlock series of chairs that come with or without upholstery. The whole GIR collection comes in different wood options and is on 30% discount within our current sale. 

When you’ve gathered your loved ones around the table, it’s the time to enjoy together that lovely meal that the whole family participated in making. 

Busy in the kitchen

We know we are using our kitchens more than ever, and opting for making dinner instead of just ordering it as usual. There is truly a satisfaction of eating something you made from scratch, while enjoying a healthy meal. When making those yummy recipes, we might as well do it with style. Our selection of cooking utensils and accessories will make you feel like a true chef in an uptown restaurant. With Stelton Pure Collection of knives, you will have high functionality and a tight, stylish look. The transition from handle to knife blade is fluid, as the knife is made from a single piece of stainless chromium steel. Enjoy the knife whether you are chopping or cutting those zucchinis and onions for a tasty meal.

Apart from kitchen accessories that will make your life easier while cooking, we’ve also gathered up some recipes our team has been trying out at home. 

We’ve also been busy with watching some cooking streams online and are sharing our cooking tips. If you are making a family movie night watching your favorite movie, why not bring the cooking to a next level and prepare the food that it’s actually in the movie? Whether it’s Love, Actually, The Simpsons, Star Trek, Sopranos or Oscar winning The Parasite, Babish has some recipes of how to recreate meals from famous movies and TV Shows! Binging movies on a next level while staying safe at home!

Setting up the table

While your meal of choice is in the oven it’s time to think about presentation! It’s half the fun of arranging the items so when served the dinner would have a complete look. Even though it can be an ordinary Thursday night, you can make it special with a careful presentation that the whole family can participate in! The young ones can set the napkins (and create some funny shapes that will spark up their imagination). Glasses, candles and salt and pepper mills can also make your ordinary dinner into a restaurant uptown with exquisite homemade cuisine. 

Our recommendation is to use Ferm Living Ripple Collection of glasses with a carafe, made from mouth-blown glass that will give elegance to even a soda with a little slice of lemon. Salt and Pepper mills go with your specific kitchen taste and design so in our offer we have Ferm Living’s Drupe Salt and Pepper mills made from ash wood, Normann Copenhagen’s Craft mills made from wood and marble, as well as Menu’s Bottle Grinders to match your style at home. They are all on sale on our website with special 10 – 40% discount. 


Who doesn’t like a nice dessert after a meal. We know we have a sweeth tooth. A Chocolate Pound cake with a cup of espresso with or without milk can make your desert an experience you can truly enjoy. Stelton coffee collection of items will help you create your own little coffee brew shop right at home. 

We hope you enjoyed our choices and some recommendations will help you create a dining experience, right at your home. For us, the only thing that’s left to say is to #stayathome and enjoy your meal! 

Bon Appetit!