The Platter – Pavilion designing with nature

“Tacna / The Platter” is the name of the pavilion, a temporary building, intended for staying in nature and realized near the Fruška gora National Park.

This is a timber platform of approximately 90m2 held by steel columns at the height of 3 meters above the ground. The platform provides for the views of the surrounding landscape, while its position and shape create two spaces of different characteristics and with distinct relations to the surroundings.

“The convex” space bellow the structure is protected from the sun and rain; while “the concave” space above the deck is exposed to the weather and entirely oriented toward surrounding environment.

The structure is not designed for the predetermined use but offers itself to several purposes. For instance, it could become an open-air classroom or a hang out spot in the nature. The shady room bellow and sunny deck above could be used differently and at different times of the day.

The Platter designed collectively by students and tutors within the framework of the module M5.1 Studio Design Architecture at the first year of the Graduate Level Study Program, Faculty of Architecture, University of Belgrade.
The realization of the final part of the project, which includes the design and construction of the platform, which was realized through two workshops, where students had the opportunity to work together for professional builders.

The result of the project is based on the establishment of ties between institutions, sponsors and building industry actors and depends on the active involvement of students throughout the competition on site.

We are pleased that we have been part of this project and GIR will continue to work to support projects for educating and affirmation of young experts.

Photo credits © Ana Kostić