The Properties of Walnut Wood

Walnut wood is a dark, dense and tight-grained type of wood. The woodworkers love it because of its strength, grain, and color. It can be polished to a very smooth finish. The color ranges from creamy brown in the sapwood to chocolate in the heartwood.

Solid wood furniture just gets better over the years and develops a lustrous patina, this is also the case with Walnut wood. Walnut is the only dark-brown domestic wood species so it is no wonder that it has a large following of devoted woodworkers and fine furniture aficionados. 

Due to walnut wood’s unique qualities, people often have lots of questions about how it’s worked into furniture, its care, and its origins.

Most people are familiar with walnut wood in its darker hues ranging from deep chocolate to light coffee color. However, only the center of the tree has those deep hues. The outermost portion of the tree (sapwood) is typically a paler color because it carries the tree’s nutrients. 

The wood is typically clear-coated or oiled, guaranteeing you the safety for many years to come (if maintaining it regularly). For our furniture collection in walnut, we used a steaming process in the drying process to try to even out the coloring between the heartwood and sapwood.  

At the recently finished 57th. Belgrade Furniture Fair we’ve presented our signature Ash collection in Steamed Walnut. Our Klin table designed by Numen/For use, Brida chair in different options with or without upholstery, as well as our new Lands and Talas collections. 

Brida chairs are the result of combining modern technology of processing wood and meticulous hand craftsmanship. The collection consists of a chair with armrests, a chair without an armrest, bar stool, and semi-armchairs. Clean angles and surfaces accentuate the feeling of mass and firmness while at the same time it achieves a visually purified, elegant and fluid form. The option of choosing from several different colors, as well as adding padded parts, modifies the character of the product and, in such a way, it makes it easily adaptable to different contexts.

Klin table is inspired by the structure of rural agricultural tools of the Alps. The basic wooden profile is partially cut through the central axis which allows for the widening of smaller parts by using wedges. The result is a characteristic Y shape. This detail, besides ensuring the stability of the structure, allows for an uncomplicated assembling and disassembling of the legs.

When it comes to decorative objects, this year we’ve presented Lands collection designed by Carlos Jiménez and Talas collection designed by studio ETAR. 

As Spanish designer Carlos Jiménez said, the collection of these wooden trays is inspired by aerial landscapes. You can choose from a variety of sizes and create your signature piece that can be used for almost anything. Versatile and minimal design at its best – these wooden trays are also very functional and practical. You can put them on your office table and keep your small belongings on display, safe and neatly stored, or you can just play with them and rearrange it in your favorite combination. 

Talas collection is a series of utilitarian art objects represent simple gestures, ones that don’t impose on the space. Instead, through the simplicity of lines and purity of natural wood “Talas” captures the motion of waves and balances the interior of the space. Inspired by the water’s constant motion, a new collection of art objects ETAR studio designed „Talas“ for GIR.

“Waves are fluid, they appear for a fraction of time and then disappear without a trace, leaving us only with a memory.“   ETAR studio

You can find our walnut collection at GIR Store, Trešnjinog Cveta 5, Belgrade, Serbia.