The Story Behind Muuto Unfold Lamp

Striking the right lighting balance, inside and outside your home, can really make a space shine. Not only this, but it can also enhance our wellbeing. Whether it’s a beloved desk lamp lighting your working day or enjoying long summer evenings from ambient outdoor lighting – lighting in all its forms, improves our quality of life. Celebrating summer and long days will with natural light, we decided help you enlighten your home even more and offer you up to 20% discount on our curated collection of Muuto Lighting among which is the Unfold Muuto Lamp.

At first the Muuto Unfold Lamp seems like a product inspired by minimalism and function, but on closer look it’s the materialization that captures us.

The Unfold Pendant Lamp brings a new perspective to the archetypal industrial light through its silicone rubber, making for a playful and tactile design. Wanting to learn more about the ideas for the design, Muuto visited designers Form Us With Love in their Stockholm studio to learn more about the story behind Unfold lamp!

Form Us With Love

Form Us With Love wanted to bring a new perspective on the archetypal industrial lamp without doing something visually overwhelming, but create a simple a friendly design with cozy atmospheric light.

The idea of silicone rubber came into mind as we wanted to explore materiality and sought something that has a nice touch and would put a smile on people’s faces. Also, using this material allowed us to double down it’s shipping size so it’s more environmentally-friendly.


Unfold Pendant Lamp adds something new to any home without using larger means—it’s very subtle and elegant in the room, serving the functional aesthetic of lighting, while being brought even more to life when felt and played with. The design is created from a rational and simple approach and strikes the balance between elegance and playfulness.

Best of all, celebrating Summer we offer you 20% discount on this beautiful design piece that will enlighten any space!