The Story behind Oblo coat hanger

The global economic crisis is forcing to seek different opportunities since the demanding world for a product is in decline. There’s a need to find new creative paradigms and unexplored avenues.

One of the design studio that is oriented for a more human creation of objects which respond to real situations and interactions rather than to purely functionalist is La Mamba, a young design team established in 2008 in Spain.

They offer a new vision of design and a variety of products ranging from furniture to lighting and accessories, under the principles of simplicity and honesty. By 2012, Raúl Durá, Ommar Uribe and Pedro Rivera, having acquired the necessary experience, they decided to create their own product editing company for habitat and contract, Omelette-ed, under a more humane and nearby perspective with emphasis on quality control.


The starting point for all of La Mamba’s work is a human experience. Their goal is to understand how people interact with objects and so dream up new forms and experiences in the world of homeware. La Mamba always strives to create user-friendly, imaginative, practical products. Known for their imaginative spirit, they always aim to create eye-catching objects that are useful in everyday life.

It’s hard to categorize La Mamba’s style because each one of them has a different personality with very different approaches to design. But the quintessence of what they’re about does become apparent and people easily recognize their product as theirs. Their restless desire to understand the relationship between people and objects reflected in the form of new products.

“Our work focuses basically on human experience behavior, concretely on the understanding of the recent ways of interacting between people and objects to create new forms and proposals in the world of furniture.”

New members of their design family are Oblo coat hangers and Pendulum desk mirror, specially designed for new GIR collection.

The Oblo hanger is a wooden, coat hanger with a strong visual expression and exquisite finish. The softness of the shapes ensures that Oblo hanger is gentle on your clothes. You can create a graphic design on your wall by mounting a single hanger, several in a row or by placing them in a pattern. You can also make the kids happy with an Oblo coat hanger in children’s height.

Oblo Coat Hangers

Oblo coat hanger comes in two sizes. Made in ash wood and designed for collective and residential spaces. Hang the Oblo hangers on a simple white wall in the kitchen or bathroom to give a subtle nature feel to the interior decoration, or let the hooks be the natural element on a boldly colored or wallpapered wall.

Oblo Coat Hanger - Large - Dusty Pink
Oblo Coat Hanger - Large - Ash
Oblo Coat Hanger - Small - Olive
Oblo Coat Hanger - Small - Dark Blue

The hallway is the first impression your guest get when entering your home. Is your hallway looking a bit bleak and boring? Then why not add some nice wall hangers to help give visitors a welcome they’ll remember?

You can mix it with natural ash or light gray for a fresh but always chic result. But also, you can create the contrast between a soft color like pink and a strong color, like dark blue or green for the graphic effect.

Oblo coat hangers are available at GIR Store, Tresnjinog cveta 5.

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