Valentine Gifts – For the Day of Lovers

Valentine’s Day is almost here, and each year everyone looks forward to rounding up a collection of special gift ideas for design lovers!

Love is in the air

When is Valentine’s day? Valentine’s day is around the corner, which also means spring is not far off. Yet there are butterflies in your stomach in February for Valentine’s day. Couples express their love on February 14th by showering each other with kisses, flowers and other gifts.

Flower Power You can’t beat a fresh bunch of flowers…

Balance Vase - Set of 3

Balance vase by Muuto

Elevated vase by Muuto

Where does the tradition come from? What many don’t know: Jewelers and florists didn’t invent Valentine’s Day. Valentine’s Day comes from medieval England, bringing lovers closer together since the 15th century. Even back then, people gave each other one or two Valentine gifts as a token of love.

Mirror, mirror, here I stand

Pendulum Desk Mirror

Pendulum mirror by GIR

Poise mirror by Ferm Living

How is Valentine’s Day celebrated all over the world today? Today, the day of love is celebrated differently: in Europe and America, couples give each other gifts, in the spirit of the classic Valentine’s day. In South Africa people celebrate in public, in Japan – women sometimes give gifts to their bosses. The custom to attach a lock to a bridge comes from Italy and the Finns celebrate it as a “day of friendship”, where they offer presents to those dear to them. In Serbian tradition, Valentine day is celebrated as patron saint day – Saint Trifun. This saint is the protector of vine and vine producers, but as a guardian of marital love and loyalty.

What all of the countries have in common: You show your loved ones how much you care with a little Valentine’s Day gift.

But, It does not always have to be flowers! We have compiled the most beautiful gift ideas for Valentine’s Day here for you.

When it comes to Valentine’s Day, staying in is definitely the new going out. Home is where the heart is after all. Whether you are planning a cozy romantic evening or prefer a bit of drama in the mix, here are some tips for transforming your abode into a romantic day.

Here you can download our new Gift guide for Valentine day!

Valentine’s Day is… a romantic dinner in bed Skip fancy dinner and a movie, and treat your loved one to a gourmet dinner at home instead. It’s a simple way to show how much you care — and how well you know your way around the kitchen. The Cook & Serve bowls, which come in three sizes, are stackable and ideal for this use. The bowls are microwave-safe and ovenproof to 230 °C.

Cook & Serve by Rig-Tig

Valentine’s Day is … relaxing together There’s no better way to set the mood for a Valentine’s Day: a warm bath, romantic dinner and dimmable atmospheric lights. Carrie LED Lamp supplies 10 hours of battery time and you can choose from one of three different light levels and 5 colors.

Candelabra by Muuto

Carrie Lamp by Menu

Valentine’s Day is … enjoying a cosy aperitif Valentine’s Day is one of the best reasons to break out a bottle of Champagne. Featuring a beautifully rippled surface this set of champagne saucers presents a classic glass for sparkling wines.

Ripple champagne saucers by Ferm Living

Whether you’re perfectly coupled or still looking for love, enjoy browsing these gift ideas for the people you care about (or consider a special purchase for yourself)!

Have a Happy Valentines Day whoever and wherever you were – but remember to keep it stylish!