Vrednost – Exhibition Announcement

GIR cordially invites you to join us on May 16th. 2019. at 7PM for the opening of “Vrednost” exhibition. Group exhibition Vrednost represents the final outcome of our Open Call for Artists organized with Kulturforum ODKR. The exhibition is examining the value and aesthetics of art, and is a conceptual research of this widely interpreted term.

Participating authors: Mario Kolarić– 1st prize, Valentina Brković, Vesna Pešić, Dragana Krtinić, Jovan Mikonjić, Lovers, Mihailo Prostran, Stefan Jovanović– 2nd prize. Beside showcasing awarded artworks, within the exhibition you will have an opportunity to see additional commended artworks from artists: Aleksandar Denić, Bojan Bilen, Valentina Brković, Viktor Jan, Emilija Radojičić, Željko Lončar, Ivana Miljković, Irena Gajić, Jovana Čajović, Jovana Čajović & Ljiljana Kuzmanović, Mane Radmanović, Milan Cvetković, Milica Balubdžić, Monika Lang.

What is Value?
It’s not an easy task to answer this question. Depending on whether we consider the value of an artwork as a material, monetary category, or the artistic value is defined as a subjective interpretation that can only be realized through the action of the subject – the audience. Generally accepted view is that the value of an artwork is a set of values including aesthetics, and that we don’t have one comprehensive definition, that if the work meets, it’s considered valuable. We can only claim, that whether intrinsic or instrumental, singular or pluar, unique to art or not, the value as an aesthetic category is integrated in every segment of our everyday lives.

The exhibition ”Vrednost” will be on display until May 30th. 2019. All awarded works are printed in silkscreen technique, signed and numbered in limited edition. The artworks are available for purchasing from May 16th.