Vrednost – Exhibition

We would like to thank everyone who came to visit our exhibition opening ”Vrednost” and here is just a glimpse of the atmosphere. Group exhibition Vrednost represents the final outcome of our Open Call for Artists organized with Kulturforum ODKR. The exhibition is examining the value and aesthetics of art and is conceptual research of this widely interpreted term.

Atmosphere from Vrednost Exhibition

Besides working on our annual exhibition program, in 2018 we joined forces with Kulturforum ODKR and organized a competition for GIR Art Print Collection. We received more than 250 artworks from 159 artists and designers and selected eight graphic design solutions. The winner of our competition is Mario Kolarić and his artwork is printed on silkscreen and signed in 100 copies. Second prize is shared by artists: Dragana Krtinić, Valentina Brković, Vesna Pešić, Jovan Mikonjić, Lovers, Mihailo Prostran, Stefan Jovanović.

Atmosphere from Vrednost Exhibition

Atmosphere from Vrednost Exhibition

Apart from the winners, the Jury members awarded commendations to additional 14 designers: Aleksandar Denić, Bojan Bilen, Emilija Radojičić, Irena Gajić, Ivana Miljković, Jovana Čajović, Jovana Čajović i Ljiljana Kuzmanović, Mane Radmanović, Milan Cvetković, Milica Balubdžić, Monika Lang, Valentina Brković, Viktor Jan i Željko Lončar.

Milan Cvetković, Ivana Miljković, Viktor Jan

Milica Balubdžić, Mane Radmanović, Bojan Bilen

Special thanks to studio AUTORI for designing GIR custom-made frames.

Emilija Radojičić, awarded commendation
GIR custom-made frame by studio Autori

Jovana Čajović, awarded commendation
GIR custom-made frame by studio Autori

The Open call for Graphic Design “Vrednost” is accompanied by the exhibition of the same title. Besides being an art element (referring to the visible lightness or darkness of a color), Value is used to describe sentimental, cultural, ritualistic or aesthetic importance of the work. Unlike the luminosity of the color, Value is something (un)measurable, entirely subjective and open to a lot of interpretations (in our case there were more than 250 interpretations of this given term).

Stefan Jovanović, Lovers, Jovan Mikonjić

Vesna Pešić, Dragana Krtinić

With this exhibition, we tried to emphasize and more deeply analyze the aesthetic theory of art, and while the artworks are all about Value and importance of the work (context, content, and critique), the exhibition is about the experience which is a “manifestation”, a record and celebration of the life. The experience in relations between art and society. For the exhibition, we used mirrors as an allegory of what is value. By placing mirrors alongside with artworks, the viewer can (re)define what is value for them, what is the value for the artist and what values, we as a contemporary art gallery and a brand cherish.

Mario Kolarić, silk-screen print in tubes

Jovan Mikonjić, silk-screen print tubes

The exhibition ”Vrednost” will be on display until May 30th. 2019. All awarded works are printed in silk-screen technique, signed and numbered in limited edition. The artworks are available for purchase from May 16th.

Photos: Nemanja Knežević