All about you : Women’s Day Special

On Friday, March 8th, people from around the globe will be celebrating International Women’s Day (IWD), an annual event that honors the various achievements – social, economic, political, and cultural – that women have accomplished. All around the world, women will be participating in marches, rallies, conferences, networking events, and online discussions to reflect on the advancements that have over time, as well as steps that can honor in order to continue to promote gender equality.

In celebration of this message and tradition, we prepared some special promotions in honor of International Women’s Day. With a 15% discount on our fashion and jewelry collections, we are offering you a small midweek treat, because it’s all about you!

In our store, you can find pieces from domestic designers: Kota, Mikke, Kadet, Ruksag, Janja Videc, and Makre Design.


Kota is slow fashion. They pay special attention to every detail, no matter how much time it takes to make pieces purely good.  Devoted to minimalism, they produce effortless clothing lines of high-quality natural materials. It’s all about uncomplicated aesthetics which ensures our garments remain timeless and elegant. Ready to wear at any time, at any place, Kota everyday essentials are flexible and adjustable. Patiently handmade in small series by our own rules: highly ethical and sustainable.

In the very heart, string and stitch of every Kota piece lies an ethical approach to collections’ creation. By partnering with small manufacturers across Serbia, Kota is providing job opportunities for local communities, ensuring that the entire production process remains flawless, equitable and carefree. Outcome: Delivering responsible products with everyone’s satisfaction sewn-in.


Based in Belgrade, Mikke’s custom pieces redefine the couture scene for a younger, designers crowd of consumers. With inspiration from natural materials and textures, Mikke creates fashion style which all lean towards simple aesthetics.


Kadet was born in Belgrade in 2013. This emerging label is inspired by a fusion of historical military-wear and aristocratic finery from across Europe. With contemporary cuts for a look of timeless urban sophistication, they make men’s and women’s wear. From pants and skirts to coats and handmade sweaters, every piece is slightly or strongly influenced by a historical period – from European medieval chivalry to Imperial Russia. Intending to create a new direction in street and smart casual, they built a unique brand with a different point of view on the term elegance.


Ruksag is a label whose focus is on making limited edition backpacks in high-quality leather and materials, with the main perspective on crossing functionality and creativity. Dramatic shapes, aggressive edge, futuristic designed rough style with clean and straight details giving the Ruksag a special high-end feel. All items are handcrafted into a wearable piece of art.

Janja Videc

Janja Videc acts in accordance with the new approach in a fashion that does not hold the seasons accountable and does not specify the age groups or specifications – it is meant for each and every individual to integrate it into his or her own wardrobe.

The brand operates socially responsible, local and sustainable. Avoiding the seasonal changes, it is resisting the commandments of the marker and color scaling. The brand is based on monochromatic color scale, materials of quality well thought tailoring and geometrically shaped patterns and it is wearable in many different ways.

For each Janja Videc collection, there is a strong story derived from observing the contemporary society, spirituality, art, and philosophy.

Makre Design

Inspired by shapes, pattern, and texture my design philosophy is to create a feminine and fashion-forward jewelry which is minimal and geometric in style. Combining sterling gold vermeil with semi-precious gemstones and marble pattern, Makre creates jewelry with a delicate and minimal aesthetic – thoughtful keepsakes for special occasions.

We invite you to explore an experimental universe where our collection of furniture, lighting, textiles and home accessories is mixed with handpicked clothing and fashion items in carefully curated displays. Visit us in Trešnjinog cveta 5, Belgrade!