Working From Home (Together)

With the state of emergency in countries around the world, many companies and ourselves included are working from home. Physical distancing proved itself as the best measure to fight the spreading of COVID-19, and many of us faced for the first time with the reality of working from home. Even though at first, it may sound too good to be true – to be able to work from the comfort of your own home, in pyjamas, playing the music you like and not losing time commuting to and back from work. But, in reality… like everything in life, balance and discipline is the key, as productivity should stay the same as in an ordinary office environment, while avoiding burnout. 

Creating a working environment, especially if you are sharing a space with your loved ones can be a bit tricky, but it’s essential, even if it’s compact to be well organized and decluttered, so you can focus on your creative outlets. 

We firmly believe that maintaining your regular daily routines and home rituals can be beneficial for your productivity stats, and we talked about it a bit more in one of our previous stories. You should try to get up in the morning like every day around the same time, get your breakfast coffee/tea and start your day. We also advise you to create a dedicated working station, somewhere in your home, because a couch can be comfortable, but when it comes to long term sitting slouched in front of your screen, it can harm your health as well as your productivity. 

We’ve prepared for You a guide on keeping yourself as productive as possible, even if working from home isn’t your ordinary daily routine. For the ones that working from home isn’t new, we’ve also prepared some inspirations on how to make an ideal home office.

Ethnicraft U Desk, Photo by : Trit House


We can’t stress enough how important it is to create a dedicated space for work. You don’t have to turn your entire home into an office space, and we talked about the importance of also having the space to unwind. You can even use your dining table as a temporary office space, but a stable and clean working surface means a lot. Some of our recommendations if you are looking for an office table is the Ethnicraft U Desk, which comes in different sizes to fit the needs of your home. Sleek, geometrical and minimal, the U table is really a synonym for a productive office environment, and we use it in our office at GIR Store, so we can guarantee from first-hand experience. If you are living in a smaller apartment with limited space, a console would do the job and help create that daily ritual. Our recommendation is Ethnicraft Nordic Console that combines refined design with the purity of solid wood. The bevelled edges give this solid oak furniture an extra edge, and it comes in sizes of 120cm, which is ideal for a small working station. Ethnicraft Wave desk is also a solution if you are in need of small but well designed quality products. You can add some warmth to your home office space with the Wave desk. Made of solid wood, this desk features one push open drawer, which comes really handy when organizing your office area. Now on 30% discount via our current sale.

Ethnicraft Facette Chair


Couches and sofas may seem more comfortable at first, but back-support is essential as you will be working for more than a few hours in front of your screen. So we recommend that your working home office area is a table with a comfortable chair. Ethnicraft Facette Chairs have ingenious wooden structure divided into facets, which makes the seating both more comfortable and more unique. The idea was to create the impression of folded paper, but crafted in solid wood. Our GIR Brida chairs with armrests will also look and feel good while sitting and working in front of your computer. And they come in different wood and color options with upholstery or without so you can find your perfect match. If you are looking for a more contemporary look, we recommend opting for Muuto Fiber Family of Chairs (that can also be customized to fit your needs).

Lands Collection

Storage and Accessories 

When setting up your home office besides the table and the chair, it’s also the little accessories that can boost your creativity as well as storage space to keep the clutter out of your working space and out of your mind. When it comes to big storage ideas with Ethnicraft M Rack you can create a room divider between your living and working space. The Mondrian-inspired M rack is based on the Dutch painter’s famous grid of vertical and horizontal lines and it will look even better filled with your favorite books and materials. Now on 30% discount within our current sale!

When it comes to small accessories and desk organized look no further from our Lands Collection designed by Carlos Jimenez for GIR. The collection is inspired by aerial landscapes and recently won the Red Dot Award 2020 for Product design. The Trays come in different wood options and are sold individually to ensure you can choose your perfect combination. Muuto also has some accessories that could keep your working space organized such as Restore Basket and Relate Side Table.

We also recommend placing in your working area an indirect and bright light that will keep you focused on the work that’s on the table. Our recommendations are Muuto Tip Desk Lamp, Control Table Lamp or Leaf Table Lamp

Apart from tips and tricks to enrich your working space, we are also sharing some tried and tested techniques for a more productive work routine, while at home.  

Many experts in the field of psychology devised a number of techniques that allow for greater productivity, whether you are in the office, in your home or on your travels. These techniques can help you perform business tasks effectively during a pandemic, and for starters you should know that it is very important that you set yourself up to work each day and not perform other tasks during that period. 


Pomodoro – This is an easy app that can help you be more focused, by demanding from you to set time intervals when working and when you are taking a break. First things first: set up a task that will be your priority and set the timer for 25mins. This is the time when you will be working without interruptions. After that, set up  3 – 5mins for yourself. Repeat the same work pattern three more times, and after the fourth it’s time for a lunch break of 15 – 30mins. Do this until the end of your work hours and type up where you last left off, so tomorrow will be easier for you to remember and be more focused. 

The principles of most important tasks – this technique is as the name says, pretty simple. Set up your priorities before starting your work for the day and focus on the most important and urgent one. Do them one by one, not all the given time, and even if it means finishing one task for the day, it’s still a success. This technique will slowly teach you to set up priorities and avoid potential anxiety and burnout due to stress related work. We’ve also found that apps like Asana can help with organization of tasks. 

Time boxing – Time boxing is similar to the principle of setting up your priorities, but it demands from you to set up a deadline when a certain task will be finished and follow it strictly. This way of organizing is important because over time it allows you to see on which tasks you spent most of your time and help you reevaluate your priorities when it comes to daily work routine.  

Muuto Platform Tray

Working Hours – this is maybe one of the most overlooked but a very important technique that involves knowing that everyday we have a limited amount of time, energy and attention. No matter how cool all these above mentioned techniques sound, defining your working time from your private time is one of the first and essential things you need to do. Just because we are all in our homes it doesn’t mean we have all day for work. This is especially important for entrepreneurs and self employed people. For starters we advise to set up your private time and your time at work. During each period, try to stay focused on the one thing only, if you are at work, skip that friend’s phone call, or setting up the lunch table. Your breaks are meant for that. At the same time, don’t respond to your emails at 2AM (if your work is standard 9-5PM) and don’t nurture the habit of being at work even when you are not supposed to be working. All of these above mentioned things can wait for the right time. 

We hope you found our guide useful and you learned something new! Our team has also been working remotely for the past month and getting used to the new work routine, so these tips and tricks come tested! Stay safe, stay at home but find a way to work together from home